Sunday 14 February 2016

Vatican suspects that the pope was the victim of an internal conspiracy

Since a few days ago in the Italian press there were rumors about the alleged illness of Francis, Vatican suspects that the pope was the victim of an internal conspiracy aimed at undermining his authority.

On Wednesday, a little-known Italian daily "Quotidiano Nazionale" on the first page said that Pope Francis is suffering from brain cancer. Vatican spokesman immediately denied the reports in.

Behind the scenes of a serious crisis

The Vatican is going through a serious crisis, which is trying to fight Francis. But the pope, in a way, is a prisoner of the Roman Curia, and many decisions falls behind the scenes; divisions within are deep - says John Thavis, a former Vatican correspondent

One gets the impression that machiaweliczne intrigue and manipulation  reached new heights.

The cardinals and other church hierarchs suspect that the publication of completely unfounded rumors about the cancer was an attempt to discredit the 78-year-old pope and his decisions. It is widely known that the Pope has many enemies among conservative Vatican officials.

Suspicion raises especially the fact that the leak occurred a few days before the end of the Synod of Bishops on the family. During the three-week session attended by 270 bishops and cardinals from around the world discussed many sensitive topics, among others, a proposal giving communion to those divorced, which re-established the family or the position of the Church against homosexual relationships.

Vatican newspaper "L'Osservatore Romano" sharply criticized the reports of cancer, calling them baseless lie. "Even the choice of the publication indicates that this is an attempt of manipulation," said the newspaper.

Nervous atmosphere

- For me it is obvious that some people do not like the Pope - says a member of the synod, Cardinal Walter Kasper, the liberal Cardinal from Germany, who agrees with the views of Francis. - You may have tried in this way to influence us.

In the Italian press speculating about the "shadow conspiracy." Newspapers speculate that the rumor released by conservative Vatican officials, who did not relish the reform of the pope and his tolerant attitude towards homosexuality, according to the doctrine the church is considered to be an aberration.

"Who wants the pope's death?" wonders in the header of "Il Giornale", the conservative daily, warning that the Church "plunged into chaos."

Journalist and author of books on the Vatican, Massimo Franco, believes that whoever planted the rumor in newspaper "Quotidiano Nazionale", he did it to undermine the credibility of the Pope. "This ugly rumor looks at the work of enemies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (as the pope called before assuming authority over the Catholic Church in 2013), who want to imply that they have an eye on him," he writes in his column in the "Corriere della Sera ".

The hidden goal could be reason to doubt the efficiency of the papal mind and suggest that his actions and words to the effect of "improper functioning of the brain," says Franco.

This "subliminal and disturbing" message, planted by the enemies of the Pope, in line with thickening the atmosphere of rebellion from conservative defenders of the Catholic tradition, who have criticized Francis too tolerant liberal views and decisions.

Outraged defenders of tradition

Still unclear who is behind the leak of the supposed disease of the Pope. Most Vatican watchers believe that it's likely the conservative members of the Synod.

Defenders of the tradition especially indignant appeal of the Pope for greater compassion for Catholics who have divorced and then founded a new family, without first obtaining the annulment of the marriage. Today, such people can not accede to Holy Communion, because in the eyes of the Church they are living in adultery.

Victor Manuel Fernandez, Bishop of homeland Francis, Argentina, compared the spreading of rumors to the "strategy of the apocalypse." In his opinion, it was an attempt "to discredit the one who is in power." - It's slander, spread completely false rumors about him. Speaking of someone in this way proves one thing: the intention is to destabilize his position.

According to information published by the "Quotidiano Nazionale", the Pope met secretly at the Vatican with the Japanese surgeon who diagnosed him with cancer, he believes is curable and does not require surgery.

The Vatican immediately issued three statements categorically denying reports that a Japanese expert, Dr. Takanori Fukushima, said that he never investigated the pope and gave him medical consultations.

Ks. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said that the information published by the newspaper are "completely unfounded" and their dissemination "is irresponsible and unworthy of attention." "The Pope is active and as always performs his daily duties" - assured the spokesman.

"Quotidiano Nazionale", however, maintains its own version. Andrea Cangini, editor-in-chief of the newspaper, there is no doubt as to the reliability of the information and stresses that its journalists spent several months checking the reliability of the sources.

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