Monday 29 February 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Bought and Paid for by BIG Oil?

The Clinton's have used the Foundation as a criminal enterprise and slush fund for the past 15 years. Questionable donations to the Foundation have followed or preceded US State Dept actions while Hillary was Secretary of State.

If the FBI can prove that Hillary took actions as SOS in exchange for "donations," or that Huma Abedin was funneling classified or unclassified data from the US State Dept to the Foundation on behalf of Hillary, then you have a case for treason.

How can she say that she is a Progressive Democratic candidate that will reform the big business economy while taking donations like that?

That's like saying I'm going to ban chocolate production while being an advertiser FOR chocolate.

I don't hate Hillary, but I'm not thrilled with her as a front-runner. I'm fine with her policies, but she's so damn hated by the right that I honestly believe Sanders would be able to make more compromise than she could. On top of that the e-mail thing is actually an issue and it kinda sickens me that she'd our presumptive nominee has stupidly exposed herself in this way.

She doesn't get big money from independent investors or even innovative institutional investors. She is taking big money from entrenched competition in a market teetering on oligarchy. Nothing they have instructed her to do will benefit every day Americans, even those that thing of themselves as in the investor class.

People spend millions on lobbying because they get 1000% return on all the money put in. Similarly:

Do you think people in Wall Street would collectively spend 40 million on a candidate if they didn't think they wouldn't get at least what they invested back? People like that tend to put a lot of thought into their investments. A puppet to wall street? No, but they do intend to at least sway her. At this stage in the game they know very well what kind of return they are likely to get because they've been doing it for many decades.

I think while she may have ties to Wall Street, her family foundation is not a political organization (or at least, it reports not to be). It's a charity with its own focuses.

While people may be skeptical of this, I will point out that the Clinton family is very rich and has a charity just like many other rich families. And Wall Street gives massive amounts of money to many similar organizations.

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