Wednesday 3 February 2016

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Yes, dogs can eat bread, but neither too much nor as a regular food every day. Bread is a kind of ordinary human food which is high
in calories, and excess calorie intake for dogs could lead to healthy problems, such as weight gain. Furthermore, most commercial breads made in bakery or super market contain lost of added sugar, it is very harmful for your dog’s health, and can easily make you dog sick.

Bread benefits for dogs

In dog’s regular meals, they don’t always get enough fiber and possibly can get constipation, but the wheat in bread is really a great source of fiber. In this case, give your dog few pieces of bread or bread crumbs as an occasional treats could ease the discomfort.

Allergic reaction to bread

Some dogs might have an allergic reaction to wheat in the bread. If you suspect you dog are allergic to wheat, you’d better watch out carefully when your dog eating bread for the first time. If your dog has an allergic reaction to wheat or any other ingredients in the bread, you can try to substitute wheat flour with rice or rye flour and choose your own combination of ingredients to offer your dog homemade bread.
All in all, bread is not a natural part of a dog’s diet, but a wonderful snack in small potions. If taken occasionally in small amounts, it can be a perfect addition to your dog’s diet and can help your dog keep in shape.

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