Sunday 14 February 2016

United Satanists of America - epidemic of suicides in the US

According to the CDC, the United States observed in recent years, a surge in the number of suicides.

Did you know that now more Americans die from suicide than are killed in the course of the year - in car accidents?

Today, indicative 9.3 million Americans profess to having suicidal thoughts and 2.7 million Americans each year plan to commit suicide.

We are a deeply, deeply unhappy country, but of course, this phenomenon is not limited to America.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), suicide - it is now the third turn, the highest cause of death in the world. Globally, the number of suicides increased by 60 percent over the past 45 years, and WHO predicts that by 2020, every 20 seconds someone in the world will commit suicide.

In Guardian'ie I came across an article entitled .: "Depression, financial dependence and the increase of suicides in " white America. " Article took a look at the extremely alarming growth among Americans approaching retirement age and experiencing significant physical pain. In Amazement, for example, I learned that in the State of Montana, issued 82 prescriptions for painkillers - for every 100 people. In desperation to be free from suffering, many Americans in the aforesaid age group, are considering suicide. 56 year old Kevin Lowney, is one example ...

Kevin Lowney, lies awake at night, wondering if he should kill himself.

"Every night I experience such pain that suicide comes to mind - just to ease the pain. What stops him, a sense of responsibility, especially - to the youngest daughter, "admits Kevin.

56 year old ex with chronic pain, associated with a substantial number of other problems - medical debt, impoverishment and the bleak prospects for retirement.

They contribute to the growing number of suicides in the US,  increased mortality of white Americans, middle-aged, as well as premature deaths due to alcohol and drugs.

This is not only an American problem. In the United Kingdom, some studies have shown that the number of suicides of men in the age group 45-49 years increased by 40 percent in seven years ...

The number of middle-aged men, who made an attempt to take there own life, has increased dramatically during the past decade. The new research, published today by the Commission Equality and Human Rights - has revealed that the last seven years has brought 40 percent increase in the number of suicides of men aged 45-49.

Young people - also kill themselves more often.

According to a report by Fox News, the number of suicides Americans in the age category 10-24 years, "increases each year" ...

These deaths like other recent death -which highlighted national headlines-from Westport, Connecticut - Omaha, Nebraska, is part of a continuous growth among young people aged 10-24 years, since 2007.

"We are seeing a significant increase in suicides in the above-mentioned age categories," said - Dr. Thomas Simon, an expert Centers for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention of Suicide. "Since 2007, we observed in this age group - an increase each year."

What causes this phenomenon?

Without a doubt, the collapse of our economy plays a role. The middle class is shrinking and many Americans falls from it each month. Many Americans approaching retirement age do not see a meaningful future, and therefore subjected to complete depression and despair.

I do not think, however, that it explains everything. I think there's another factor - namely, that our society "itself destroys the" pharmacological agents.

Rather than address the real causes, many expect troubleshooting with magical government intervention. It should be noted a new proposal for the mandatory preventive diagnostics against depression, against what many warn as likely to bring very serious consequences. The following excerpt from the current text Ron Paul ...

Specially appointed for this purpose Preventive Services Task Force of the United States, recently he recommended preventive diagnostics to all Americans.

That team is going to force health insurance companies to cover the costs of such research. Even elementary knowledge of economics, just as catastrophic program Obamacare demonstrate its harm to Americans.

If you know someone with depression, contemplate suicide, it is advisable to look for flowing signals as:

feelings of hopelessness or desperation,


social isolation,



the feeling of being a burden,

Life - is more than the number of things in our possession, or the amount of our bank deposits.

Many of the people considering suicide could have a future much brighter, if they were not focused on the wrong purposes.

So what do you think causes the astounding growth of suicides, both here in the US and globally?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below ...

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