Tuesday 18 November 2014

From Resort Hopping to Arodventure Travelling

Varadero, Cuba
I have always been attracted to water and nature. Since a young age, my family would take us in a motorhome on vacation to Florida. You could always find me near the water, wether it was the pool or the ocean, I was there. My first trip below the borders of North and South America was when I was 13, after that, I knew this was the beginning of a love to travel. 

Since then I have landed in dozens of countries in the Caribbean and bits of Central America to soak up as much sun and nature as I could. I was always up for any excursion and trying most things at least once. 

After hitting up as many resorts as I could, I finally came to the realization that this is not the kind of travel I want to continue doing. When I sat down and absorbed it all, I wasn’t REALLY travelling and experiencing the country by spending most of my time in a resort. Everything was always nicely packaged and pre planned in a fancy building with all the amenities and more. Don’t get me wrong, I was very fortunate to have experienced what I experienced, but I began to crave something deeper. 

I had a taste of Honduras, I stayed in a resort for 2 weeks and did most of the excursions offered to get a feel for the actual country. The beautiful part of Honduras is that it is unspoiled, raw, and there are minimal tourists. I got to hike in the rainforests, explore hot springs and exfoliate with volcanic mud, go cliff jumping and white water rafting, this was right up my alley!
Time came to plan my next trip. Since I had such a strong experience in Honduras, I felt a calling to dive into Costa Rica. That time, I wasn’t going to stay in a resort at all. Since it was my first trip not doing the whole resort thing, I wanted the transition to be smooth, therefore I made sure I had my trip planned out. The best way I knew how to do this while still experiencing the country was to go down with an adventure travel company. 

I searched different companies and the one that caught my eye was G Adventures. They had a brand new tour available that was off the beaten path, somewhere in the jungle that involved a lot of trekking and camping in caves behind waterfalls. SIGN me up! This was so adventurous for me and every ounce of me said yes, that is what I want. The tour was called Costa Rica Hidden Trekk, and so began my deeper love for adventure.

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