Wednesday 5 November 2014

123 Studies Show Cannabis Prohibition Is Killing Cancer Patients

With alcohol showing essentially no medical properties beyond application as an anti-septic, cannabis (and in particular a molecules known as cannabinol -CBD- and its more famous brother THC), has numerous medical, industrial, and evenecological benefits (due to its fast growth and ability to protect itself from many pests without genetic modification or pesticides). There are a lot of reasons that cannabis prohibition cannot be rationally maintained.
Now, 123 is a lot of studies, and I can understand that not everyone wants to read through all of the summaries/abstracts (listed along with the title, publication date, and a link to the article). In some cases I shortened the abstract, in others cases I left it to provide a greater understanding of the context.
Taken together, these studies show cannabis as being more effective and less physically detrimental than chemotherapy for treating cancer. We must not forget that there are numerous other studies showing the medical properties of cannabis in regard to other conditions as well, and everyone is encouraged to do further research on their own.
For those with shorter attention spans: at least check out this 6 minute video from South California Labs about CBD: it covers several important studies and is well done, but if you want in-depth coverage and links to peer-reviewed science then I suggest continuing farther down the text.
This library is seperated into 4 parts to make navigation a little easier. The sections are largely based on the type of cancer being treated or investigated, and year of publishing. If you are looking for something specific -with a total of approximately 16,000 words in this document-, I suggest using ctrl+f (or similar on-page search method).


123 Studies Show Cannabis Prohibition Is Killing Cancer Patients

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