Tuesday 26 January 2016

US Troops Have Taken Over Airfield In Syria

 US Troops Have Taken Over Airfield In Syria

U.S. special operations troops have reportedly taken over an airfield in northeastern Syria, potentially clearing the way to flow more American military support to friendly militias fighting the Islamic State group.
A small team of U.S. troops is setting up a base camp at Rmeilan Air Base in the Syrian Kurdish region near Syria’s Iraqi and Turkish borders, according to local reports.
American helicopters operated at the base over the past couple of weeks as local workers expanded the runway, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
International Business Times notes:
The US and Russia are working to establish air bases in Northern Syria, within 30 miles of each other, an activist group has claimed. Russian warplanes are expected to begin using the Qamishli International Airport, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
If you assume that the U.S. troops will support pro-democracy forces in Syria, you’d be wrong.
On the other hand, is the U.S. supporting ISIS?

See for yourself… 


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