Saturday 16 January 2016

In 1967, The CIA Created The Lable CONSPIRACY THEORISTS

One of the reasons for providing this important documentation and commentary is that even in supposedly “awakened” portions of the “truth movement”, or at least many people who frequent “alternative” social media pages and websites, there is a disturbing tendency to dismiss uncomfortable information as “conspiracy theory” as an emotional knee jerk reaction in defense of one’s worldview. 
We expect this infantile reaction from the so-called “sheeple” who think that the 6 o’clock news is keeping them adequately informed, however, it comes as a shock to the system when swathes of people who follow pages and websites that represent the trend in “new thought” and “alternative/independent media” exhibit precisely the same thought and behavioural patterns as their obviously socially engineered/brainwashed nightly news watching brethren. This article is both a shield and a sword of truth with which to respond to reactionary accusations/dismissals of being a “conspiracy theorist” whenever someone prefers to attack the messenger instead of addressing the message (in an open-minded and adult fashion).  
It is still mind-blowing to us that so many people are still so ignorant as to struggle with the fundamental notion that people in positions of power and influence might actually deliberately conspire among themselves to engage in morally reprehensible acts for self-benefit that would seem incomprehensible to the average person who is not a raging psychopath. Regardless, the historical record shows in abundance that this has always been the case in our known history. 
Moreover, the self-appointed “power elite” have devised – AND SUCCESSFULLY DEPLOYED – ways and means of manipulating the public’s awareness to such an extent that when a researcher shares an unpleasant conspiracy truth in an effort to raise awareness and thus collective empowerment, the would-be recipients of this unwanted information dismiss the material using the very terminology designed and supplied by the System that is duping them! We have, of course, been on the receiving end of this ourselves, much to our dismay.
There is something sickening about observing the brothers and sisters we are trying to assist and awaken respond to those attempts at facilitating understanding in PRECISELY THE WAY THAT THE CONTROL SYSTEM HAS CONDITIONED THEM TO RESPOND, i.e., “Wow, you’re a real tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist” and such like. 
Well, below you will learn just who originated the “conspiracy theorist” label and to what malicious ends they have been successfully using it ever since. If you are not already aware of this, you might like to grab a bucket to throw up in. The strategy has worked for the System – BIG TIME.
Attention “truthers” and “spiritual” types: we are all on notice. We need to grow up FAST, because we are witnessing a MASSIVE acceleration of Big Brother’s attempt to infiltrate and control every facet of human existence, rendering us little more than surveilled, vaccinated, and micro chipped obedient sources of revenue who are running on auto pilot.
Credit: The important article below was originally published here.

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