There are a lot of completely unfounded essentially fantasy conspiracy theories. That said there are of course real conspiracies, especially in the dimensions of personal interest.
This article proposes 8 interesting conspiracy theories. Some may hold little kernels of truth, and others are simply interesting ideas. You, the reader, are responsible from telling fact from fiction, and there’s still more truth than fiction in this text. Links are embedded to help, in certain instances, because after all: I don’t want to spread misinformation.
1. Wild conspiracy theories are designed and distributed by companies and governments to distract from real issues
Deep within the walls of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and in the cubicles of many multinational companies like BP, Exxonmobil, Dow chemical, and Newscorp (and others) sit men and women who are responsible for generating misinformation. The fact that uninformed and sometimes dangerously wrong information is listed at the top of Google searches (who are currently considering a change to a fact-based ranking system) is because keywords have been bought by vested interests intent to shift the debate to nonsense issues.
One of the most debunked images on the internet, yet this theory distracts from real environmental and social problems
2. The pharmaceutical industry promotes anti-vaccine misinformation to increase infection rates so they can raise vaccine and treatment prices as demand increases
The fact that vaccines have been so effective at stopping many human diseases has decreased demand and led to price competition between competing pharmaceutical companies. To increase profits across the board, misinformation was propagated via mass media and internet to synthetically polarize people into not vaccinating, allowing otherwise extinguished pathogens to reemerge, leading to an increased demand and funds to create a new vaccine.
3. The fact a child with a weak immune system can potentially get the contagion from a vaccine is deliberate (when using weakened, but still living versions of the pathogen), and the newest technology being ignored
Vaccines which use weakened forms of the actual pathogen have been deliberately kept in use to make more unvaccinated people sick, to help increase demand (as in theory 2). The newest technology, used only by a few labs (like one who created a multi-strain (multivalent) Ebola vaccine) are using it.
The newest technology, which uses characteristic surface proteins from target pathogens and puts them onto the surface of a harmless but “awakening” vector, leads to acquired immunity against threats the body did not even have to directly counter. It may also be possible to simply use synthetic cells (without DNA) using the same idea. To protect adjuvant makers and current production, this is being ignored.
4. The debate about GMOs is deliberately kept in center stage to protect current seed producers, who produce mutagenic seeds for organic and conventional agriculture.
This one is actually pretty much true. Both convention and organics share the same type of seeds: species created through cross-breeding and chemical or radiological mutation. What differentiates organic from conventional is simply how you grow them, but not where the seeds come from. Keeping the debate about GMOs prevents people from focusing the real problems in agriculture, like land and chemical use (if you didn’t know: organics are also allowed to use certain pesticides).
The anti-GMO films you have probably watched on YouTube were largely financed by these guys. They have a financial interest in preventing the discussion from actually going into detail about where conventional and organic seeds come from.
5. Real environmental issues are being ignored deliberately, focus is being put on social topics to distract from real issues.
Is it that people simply like discussions about popular cultural topics and famous people, or is it that this is being deliberately pushed to take time away from legitimate topics? Is it that people at the top know about impending biosphere collapse, and have decided to save only themselves while milking everyone around for everything they’ve got? How can 67-85 people control more money than half of the world’s population, and there exist no real list?

Aral sea due to water diversion
6. God was overthrown by the devil thousands of years ago, and our current understanding of God and lucifer is actually God banished from his own kingdom.
Not a big believer in this kind of stuff myself, but check out the story.
Having created the universe and the forces of nature and physics spanning over distances greater than the human mind can perceive, God became involved in the more cognitive aspects of existence, birthing 7th dimension planes of ideas accessible to every conscious life under the right conditions.
luciferThe forces of evil noticed that certain rules about psychic creatures allowed them to be turned into a belief or direction at will, with especially great odds of success when the belief played into the being’s fantasy . This “first fantasy force” held more power than later attempts to inform on the subject. God, knowing the infinite nature of reality and perception, was keen to allow conscious life to inform itself, to build theories to test and explore their surroundings. But the forces of evil wanted to gain as much control as possible and exploited this weakness, gaining more philosophical ground than God among the higher echelons of life capable of abstract thinking.
God was banished from the light, following the overthrow of harmony by misinformed militant arrogance. Those believing themselves to be following God fled from the light, and lived into the night. To this day, God remains the patron of the scientist, the truth-seeker, and the light-bearer, holding itself the name Lucifer (bringer of light).
7. Lobbyists pretend to be experts, while simply parroting corporate positions for money. They, and their supporters, control the outcome of political decisions.
Giving reports, advice, and gifts to politicians, as well as influencing policy and the interpretation or representation of facts, allows lobbyists to have a significant effect of US political decisions. Using the same tricks mentions in the God was switched theory (6), lobbyists manipulate representatives, regulators, and the public to push their agenda. This primarily entails support related to industrial growth and opposition to laws increasing environmental protection and regulation.
8. The FDA and EPA regulators are paid off to ignore and remain silent about serious problems.
It’s recently come out that the FDA remains silent about methodological and data based problems they find during audits or test sites. Records are kept, but only heavily redacted versions are accessible to the public or even congressional committees supposed to regulate these drugs.
Final Words
So, are you a good enough researcher to differentiate potential, fantasy, and fact within this text? In real life, you should treat every text as if it may have disinfo in it, and look up/into any facts you plan on citing.  Definitely read and look into every article you share. After all, none of us want to help propagate false information (here’s an article about 52 common myths).