Thursday 14 January 2016

Did NASA Have The Technology To Fake The Moon Landing?

Did NASA Have The Technology To Fake The Moon Landing?

Today I learned that NASA Might have possessed the actual Technology to land on the moon, However they might NOT have had enough technology to fake this Moon landings.

OK lets say that this WAS faked, Don't you think that other countries would've called it Total BS by now. Especially The Russians.

There had been 1000 s of scientists from all over the world involved, Therefore, If all these Scientist had been involved, and YET no one ever blabbed about any of it? Just doesn't seem real or Possible to me. One would think someone at least ONE person would spill the beans by now.

Kind of like the 9/11 conspiracy stories involving countless accomplices in all sorts of governmental positions and agencies including private companies... all these people Involved and not one single whistle-blower to date?

NSA program was inherently secretive and even that got blown out of the water and into the public's eye.

It's only fair to say that the NSA wasn't 100% secret, we knew of the resources they had and that they were spying on people was and is NO big surprise, it was more the scale of it that surprised most people I think.

To be Perfectly fair, the NSA had its BIG nose in all over our private stuff for a while now and only one person ever came out to speak about it. After he did, he essentially exiled from his own country and treated as a national public enemy. There aren't many parades waiting for whistle blowers these days.

People knew about the NSA without official documentation because it was so glaringly obvious, we didn't need Snow-den to come out and prove it because we had already put it together based on public information and lack thereof.

Countless people Believe that 9/11 was planned.

I always say that the biggest flaw in most 9/11 conspiracy theories are, if the planes weren't enough to blow up the buildings, why not just use the bombs... You could have easily put a bunch of suicide bombers up there and brought them down, just as easily, if not more easily as high-jacking some planes.

They also believe that the moon landing never happened.

And not to mention that pearl Harbor was allowed to happen in support of war in reaction to the public's vote against it.

People who can figure this stuff out know it, people who can't figure it out, need people like Snow-den to promptly expose it.

It didn't take long for NSA spying to become public knowledge. Articles were surfacing about it going back to 2006.

Google openly admitted that they were handing info to the NSA since, if I'm not mistaken, 2001. It took years for people to actually pay attention, let alone understand, one of the whistle blowers. Yet other call it BS, they claim that the breadcrumbs were out there in the public domain. If anyone put the pieces together they were branded a paranoid tinfoil hat wearing neck beard.

And the same thing doesn't happen to other conspiracy theorists?

Many say that No one's life was put directly at risk from surveillance, planning and executing a massive terrorist attack that will directly kill thousands is completely different.

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