Monday 22 July 2013

How the media, Obama and the racism industry are tearing America apart

America is a nation in great need of healing. It is a nation subsisting on a food supply poisoned with GMOs, pesticides and herbicides, suffering under an epidemic of chronic disease and nearly bankrupted by the gutting of the U.S. economy by parasitic Washington bureaucrats.

Thanks to politicians like Obama, America has been driven to the brink of financial disaster, and thanks to former presidents like Bush, the "land of the free" has been turned into a dystopian surveillance police state (which Obama then multiplied and expanded). At numbers never before seen in U.S. history, everyday Americans are unemployed, living on government food aid (over 100 million Americans!), and seeing the "American dream" slip away from them more and more rapidly as the reality of the bleak future fully sets in.

America is a nation in desperate need of healing: nutritional healing, medical healing, economic healing and racial healing.

So what does Obama do? He fans the flames of racial hatred and joins with the "racism industry" to spread hatred and mistrust for his own political gain.

Obama assaults the psyche of America

He is beyond shameless... he is destructive to the very psyche of America. Just as the nation needs to come together for the common causes that unite us all -- GMOs, deadly vaccines, fluoride in the water, the Fed's grand money theft, etc. -- Obama keeps us divided along racial lines with trumped-up fear mongering and muckraking that's intentionally designed to keep America divided.

If America were a patient, Obama and the racism industry would be a deadly cancer spreading across the body, destroying healthy tissue and causing pain and suffering. Instead of encouraging Americans to call for peace, unity and understanding, Obama takes to the airwaves and claims racism remains so bad in America that Trayvon Martin could have been him, implying that even the President could have been shot by an angry Latino who the brain-damaged media continues to somehow call "white."

The myth of systematic oppression of blacks in America

The very premise that black people are systematically oppressed in modern-day America is a myth. America is a nation where the President is black, the Attorney General is black, most of the highest-paid athletes and sports figures are black, the highest-paid entertainers are black, and black people hold key positions as mayors, governors, senators and members of Congress. If anything, the racial composition of our nation and its political, entertainment and business leaders is absolute proof that the era of black oppression is ancient history in America. I'm not saying there aren't isolated cases of one-on-one racism that still go on, but the idea that there is systematic oppression of blacks is absurd.

Remember: It was white people who ultimately put Obama in office, their votes proving that white people wanted a black person to hold the highest office of the land. For that very person to now fan the flames of racial division and hatred is catalyzing damaging ripple effects far beyond what most people are even considering right now. Obama has set back racial tolerance three decades or more in America, actually fomenting new distrust where none existed. All across America, white people who used to be completely non-racist are now seeing the black community go completely and irrationally insane over a wholly contrived issue that has been viciously manipulated and shaped from the very beginning to spread hatred.

MSNBC, the propaganda division of the White House, continues to go out of its way spewing racism and hatred, just as directed by Obama who then joins in with his own racial division and hatred. The plan, of course, is to foment so much contrived hatred that America collapses into a massive race war that distracts everybody from the monumental failures of bad government.

Racism industry is the enemy of economic abundance

Detroit, a city largely run by Obama-supporting African-Americans, has collapsed into bankruptcy. The same kind of failed thinking that brought Detroit to its knees is now being unleashed by people like Al Sharpton -- the Don King of race-baiting hatred -- who is behind a new call for an economic boycott of Florida

This idea, just like most of the racism industry's ideas, make absolutely no sense. What do all the people of Florida -- many of whom are black -- have to do with Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman? Is the hatred now so intense that black America will boycott an entire state of many black-run businesses simply because they happen to be in the same geographic region where something went down that they don't like?

The irrationality has reached the point of insanity. The mere application of logic is now called "racist."

And why are blacks now lining up against "stand your ground" self defense laws when it is their own people who need those laws the most? The vast majority of murders in the USA are black-on-black crime, and when those murders are stopped, it's often the case that a responsible black man with a legal gun intervenes to STOP violence and save an innocent life. Standing your ground is the essence of family security and personal liberty, yet Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and black America now seem to have been hornswaggled into believing that the right of self defense should be stripped from everyone, including themselves.

I've never understood why black riots often result in people burning down their own neighborhoods and smashing out the windows of their own black-run businesses. But that's actually indicative of what we're also seeing with the desired economic boycott of Florida and the "racism industry" idea that self defense laws are somehow racist. The racism industry is, above all, an industry of black self destruction.

Self defense is now a "selective" right depending on your skin color

There would be absolutely zero issue in all this if an armed black man shot a crazed white junkie in self-defense, or if a black man shot a young black punk in self defense. Charges never would have even been filed. No, this contrived outrage is not about the right to self defense: it's about the selective targeting of races.

And that's where the insanity gets even worse: These racism industry black leaders are essentially saying that it's WRONG for an Hispanic to have self defense but it's right for a black man to have self defense.

No Latino, Hispanic or white person is allowed to exercise any form of self defense at all in America today -- but only if attacked by someone of dark skin color. When a white person is being grounded-and-pounded into the concrete by a gangster, the only politically correct response is to surrender and beg for more. Taking any action whatsoever -- including throwing a punch in return -- gets you immediately labeled a racist.

Racism theater

That's the insanity that Obama and the racism industry have created in America. It's a kind of mental sickness that has turned America into a self-destructing mental patient. And the real point of it all, of course, is to create massive contrived riots and "racism theater" that distract people from all the failures of big government: failed health care, failed economic policies, failed crony capitalism, failed international relations, failed wars in the Middle East, failed government-run education system, failed currencies, and even a failed system of justice where the worst criminals of all are the people running the government.

The spectacle of it all is mind-blowing. Because if you're like me, you aren't one bit racist and you've never called anyone a n----r or a c-----r. You've treated all people equally not by trying to do so, but because it always seemed natural to be open-minded about everyone, regardless of their physical appearance. And now people like you and I are suddenly being labeled "racists" because we legally own guns, or because we believe in the sacred right of self-defense, or because we disagree with Obamacare or some other failed White House policy.

Now, we are all racists, it seems, not because we judged somebody by their skin color -- which we didn't -- but because we don't agree with the politics of the black leaders. Now, "black" has become a dogma, not a race. It is a set of beliefs that you have to embrace, or you'll be called a racist. And those beliefs are wholly irrational, including things like the belief that a socialist-style government based on entitlement handouts to the entire population is the answer to economic prosperity. Somehow, black America went from completely distrusting government in the 1960's to completely worshipping government today. And if you want to see where that leads, just look at Detroit, which is a microcosm of where America is headed soon.

America needs racial healing and unity, not division

I have been called a racist for calling for racial unity in America. The "racism theater" is now so insanely stupid that if you aren't publicly calling for the murder of George Zimmerman, then you are labeled an outright racist.

In other words, you must now call for violence against "White Hispanics" in order to be politically correct according to the new standard of black dogma.

These are the kinds of insanities that have been witnessed, historically, right before nations fell into collapse. And I believe America is on the verge of self destruction, and that it is being accelerated toward that by Obama himself.

If there's any marching that really needs to be done in America today, it should be a march against media manipulation of racial hatred. Or perhaps and march against the President abusing his office to destroy America.

Instead, black America is marching today across 100 cities, calling for... something. They want "justice" which, in their definition, means the murder of Zimmerman, his family and all his supporters. You are witnessing the complete downfall of law and real justice in America, replaced by mob rule.

Why you will never see another black President in America

The backlash against all this will be enormous. Obama has done enormous damage to the idea that a black President can bring unity and healing to America. When white people initially put Obama in office in 2008, they were thinking, "Let's put a black man in the White House and demonstrate how tolerant and color blind we really are as a nation."

But now, many of those same white people are being called racists by the people closest to the President. Now, Obama is fanning the flamed of racial division and hatred, betraying the very reason why so many white people voted him into office.

The memory of this nightmare of a presidency will last for at least a generation, maybe longer. Almost no white or Hispanic person living today will ever vote for a black president again because they are seeing how their good intentions have been twisted and betrayed. Instead of racial unity, we got racial division and hatred spewed by the President himself.

Black people are 12% of the U.S. population. The other 88% are mostly Latinos and Whites, both of which have been viciously smeared and vilified throughout the TMGZ trial. Those 88% are not going to voting for a black president ever again.

And thanks to Obama, race-based paranoia is now at an all-time high in America. Distrust between those of different races has reached a frightening peak, and there are race-based beatings and shootings happening all across the country right now because of all this. (It's mostly young black kids beating up whites and Hispanics.)

Even as more wise black cultural leaders like Bill Cosby are calling for peace and calm, it's people like Al Sharpton -- whose very power depends on continued racial hatred -- who are whipping up division and paranoia. For their own political power, they will drive America to the brink of a race war, and nothing bad that happens is ever their fault. It's always the fault of "cracker ass whiteys" who are the devil, they say.

Well, if I'm the devil, then Rachel Jeantel is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The media that didn't cover the March Against Monsanto is now headlining the racism industry's contrived marches

And now the real truth finally comes out: The same media which outright refused to cover the March Against Monsanto -- encompassing 450+ cities around the world -- is going to spend the weekend headlining the far smaller marches that have been contrived by the racism industry.

Once again, this completely proves that the media is itself a contrived affair that's spoon-feeding you racism and hatred while making sure you never see anything that really matters (like GMOs, fluoride, vaccine deaths, chemtrails, etc.).

Just as America is in desperate need of truth and healing, the mainstream media is censoring truth and broadcasting racism lies and hatred -- all part of the agenda of "racism theater."

If we need to be marching against anything in America, it's a march against the media, an industry of such vicious mind control and false propaganda that it may very well bring this nation to its knees. (All while advertising erection pills and diet soda.)

It's already obvious to me that the fall of America is now inevitable. We have crossed the point of no return. The real issue now is whether we have a chance of rebuilding after the collapse.

I'm currently reading a new book called America 3.0 which attempts to answer that question. It argues the future is bright and that America can transition into a system of smaller government and more freedom, where power is revoked from central authority and re-distributed locally. I'm not yet sure if I agree with the book, as I've only started reading it. But it is at least interesting that such ideas are being seriously discussed.

No matter what happens, I will help rebuild America after the collapse. I love America. I love my country. And I will not be suckered into the contrived hatred that Obama and the media are spewing with all their inflammatory hate and evil.

When this is all over, we must make a concerted effort to make sure the history books tell the true story of how a black president led America into a deep racial divide ON PURPOSE, betraying the trust that was placed in him by non-racist white people who wanted to see America undergo some racial healing, not "racism theater."

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