Wednesday 10 July 2013

Glenn Greenwald: #Snowden Encouraged by Global Outrage over #NSA #Spying, Support for His Pligh

In part two of our interview from Monday, Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald details his conversation with National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden over the weekend.

 Greenwald says he spoke at length with Snowden for the first time since Snowden left Hong Kong last month. "He is enthused about the developments over the last week, both in terms of ongoing revelations and the ongoing debate that he helped trigger about surveillance policy worldwide, as well as the support that he’s getting from around the world," Greenwald says.

 "He only had one fear, and that was that he would sacrifice his life and take these enormous personal risks in order to make these disclosures possible, and then have the world react with indifference and apathy." On why Snowden has chosen to become a whistleblower, Greenwald adds: "He began thinking the U.S. government was the most noble government in the world and wanted to work and devote his career to supporting its policies.

And it was only over time, gradually, that he began seeing all sorts of things and thought critically about them, just like Bradley Manning did, who joined the U.S. military with the same thoughts and only gradually began to see it as a force for evil. That is Mr. Snowden’s evolution."

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