Sunday 15 May 2016

Would you date a ANY black person?

I have but will not do it again. I had three American black girlfriends (didn't learn from the first two). At first, everything was normal as with any race. 

As we got to know each other, everything got turned into a racial issue. They were so racist, I mean if I am working late or have to go out of town for business they accused me of not wanting to spend time with them bc they were black, seriously; they were not joking. 

Then on social issues where a black guy would rob a store, shoot at cops, then the cops kill him. They would accuse the cops of being racists and ask if I agree; um if he didn't engage in those activities then he would be dead was considered a racist answer. 

Anyways, I will now only date any chick that is not an American black or a black women who has been Americanized, so women from Ghana or Congo are still fair game.

For one we come from two different cultural backgrounds; we have different ideas on what a relationship is and would have a very hard time seeing eye to eye. For two, relationships have an average of life of 20-65 days; anyway, so 1-2 months tops, probably less when it comes to interracial dating. 

I do have to admit as a young Caucasian, slender male; that heavy set (NOT fat or obese) dark skinned women in their 40s are the hottest to. I might date an older black woman if she found me interesting but I doubt that would ever happen. 

A word to wise for anyone consider IR relationships, don't do it because you think it looks unusual or unique. I know in today's society people love to be their own and prove long held beliefs wrong. But going against the tides of society is like fighting a rip current. What happens when you swim directly against the current? 

That's right, you lose every time. Just be mindful of that. 

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