Saturday 7 May 2016

Do you BELIEVE DONALD TRUMP will become the next USA PRESIDENT

 I have an objective view, and on the contrary, an informed view. I do not lack life skills, I have worked in the trade since I was 12 and I pay my own rent and food. Take my words and try to analyse them as objectively as humanly possible. 

June 2015, Trump enters the presidential race. With 17 highly competent and extremely successful competitors, ranging from federal officeholders to governors to talented business players and surgeons. With an approximate 1 in 5000 chance to succeed the republican party's nomination, many are now awestruck at the recent unfolding s. Now, Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee. 

Vote Count will drain in. 
For those who conservatively state Trump has won only ~half of all republican primary votes and likely unable to garner enough support, the general election will bring democrats and independents with a nuance feel for their initial party pick, as Trump unveils the crooked side of Mrs. Clinton. Nick names don't stick without some truth to it. And think about this: Trump only took 8 days longer to secure the nomination compared to Mitt Romney. And Trump has just broken the ALL TIME RECORD of popular votes garnered. Though a plurality, as I said before, people registered to a different party can change any time, limited only to 29 days prior to their designated election. Unless Clinton is indited, Sanders realistically had a flat ZERO chance to win the democratic nomination. It's the truth, a sad truth. Who will these supporters gather around? Statistics indicate Young Sanders supporters distrust Clinton and the general support base is likely to rally behind Trump as a second pick when Clinton is inevitably the Democratic Nominee. For every republican that burns their membership card, several individuals fill the abyss. 

Donald Trump has a minimum 97 percent chance to win the general election. Political science professor Helmut Norpoth's model, which predicted the reign of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama, claims Trump beats Hillary 54.7 to 45.3. 

War of words. 
Donald Trump has had hundreds of thousands of ads and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of attacks set forth upon him, and the result is a pitiful scratch. It truly is amazing, no words can disband the support group belonging to The Donald. And to add to this, Trump has not started a valiant and consistent attack on Clinton yet. There is no need yet. Yet Clinton is already playing the ball, launching media attacks on Trump. Mark my words, Trump's every move is very calculated. Why launch attacks on Clinton now, when November is months away. Any damage done now has time to mend and fade into nothingness. While Clinton plays the ball now, she will tire out. That is when Trump will attack, I predict. There are 3 general election debates to be held in the coming months. Clinton has never faced an opponent as brash as Trump. I would not want to argue with a Donald Trump. 

The eyes of the world are upon Donald Trump. Russia and it's population, by a majority, support Trump. It's amazing! Russia liking an American? A chance to open dialogue between two great nations! The world is talking and the world will want in. Mexico's former president Vincente' Fox recently APOLOGIZED to Trump, indirectly, about his personal disdain for Trumps wall. The joke is no more. China's Finance Minister has now attack Trump, Trump must be on to a real shadow problem. Trump has been in four bankruptcies. Trump knows the creditors which to national debt must repay is impossible, and his experience in frugal shake down to pay less than the dollar on the debt as recently come out. Interesting. The world is talking about Trump. But all you hear is the negativity of course. You hear about crime, but hardly ever about the good Samaritan act. Believe me, Trump has a larger support group than anyone thinks.

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