Sunday 15 May 2016

If Evolution Is True Then Why Don't Dogs Fly?

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So far in canine evolution, the dog has gained no advantage from the need to fly, however if the main food on the dog's menu takes to the air, then eventually the dog will evolve into a creature that will be able to chase that prey in the air. 

If the dog failed to do this, the species must either evolve to eat elsewhere or learn to fly, the only other option is extinction. 

This process may take a little while so don't wait up.

Dogs would have to give up their front legs to acquire wings. 

There's an old saying: "You don't always get what you want." 

But in a few million years perhaps some small dogs or foxes who climb trees could resemble the the flying squirrels in technique. More so if they develop a hankering for flying squirrels? I am unable to rule that out, and worse yet, some flying squirrels might become fully carnivorous. 

The future has always been far more surprising than I anticipated, even though some things are predictable. 

A war on at least some mosquitoes is starting. Who will win? The bad mosquitoes or the clever humans? 

Time to beware of poisons in one's water and other wrong places too. Inexpert cures are worse than the disease. 

If the troublesome features of life are being distributed fairly, something should appear in cold places like Russia and Manchuria soon. Canada had a big forest fire in Fort McMurray AB... 

There are flying fish, are you saying they are more versatile than dogs? I think dogs are more useful as they are. Wings are likely to encourage them to wander off, no? 

Just covering a few points here, more could be said.

One bible thump-er said: False assumptions and false reasoning lead to false conclusions. While I do not personally believe in evolution, I also do not believe in false arguments against evolution. Would you like to try again? 

My argument? It is too fantastical to believe that everything will "mutate" into a balance that is just right and will do so very slowly over time. 

You cannot have "random" mutations that happen to be passed onto the next generation that happen to be just right across multiple species. Sorry, but that is a "miracle". 

It is easier to believe in God designing life this way than it is to believe in random mutations. IF evolution is real, then so too is God. If God created everything this way, then it isn't really's design.

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