Sunday 15 February 2015

Break The Boxes: How The Media Creates Alienation And Internal Dissent

Are you a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Vegan, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun or Anti-Vaxxer? Are you a lemming? Are you willing to be led around by others because they agree with one of your micro-niche stances? Are you able to see someone else who disagrees with you as a human being and come to an common understanding on bigger issues? If not then perhaps you need to drop the labels, break out of the boxes you've been placed in and rejoin humanity once again. Every day the media defines who we are and its so easy for people to fall into the trap of being a 'team player'. Being deemed a team player on the official side is so comfortable, and all that is required is your hostility for the other team. So while others are being dehumanized and stamped as Conspiracy Theorists and Deniers you believe yourself above them and become delusional whilst riding your high horse.
This fragmentation of the population is why nothing ever gets done, those who commit the most egregious crimes are rarely punished and government is never held accountable. It is easy enough for them to keep us at each others throats, just look at the whole class/caste struggle. Those named the lower-class hate the middle class and they hate the upper middle class. Everyone hates the rich and the rich aspire to rub elbow with the elite. A lovely pyramid scheme that has gone on far too long. I've heard people say that they 'are' Democrats and not that they vote Democrat. Does that mean that all family business in their household is done by vote? Someone who says that they are a Libertarian, does that mean that they give their children total freedom? Democrat, Republic and other political parties are just that. From what I've heard about Republicans in the media I'm almost 100% positive that they drink the blood of children and find ways to crush the souls of poor people. I'm not sure as I have no plans on voting ever again. We should not get caught up in names and in appearances. Haven't we learned our lesson yet? All of these are false identities and false labels created by the media. Depending on what side of the debate you are on you'll be happy to turn the screws on your fellow man and fellow woman because they don't agree with your take on life. I'm sure that everyone believes their political stances are right and that everyone else is a complete fool. How foolish is that? If someone doesn't agree with your ideas they are behind the times or asleep. We believe we are so special, precious little snowflakes that are so much different from everyone else.
A time will come when people will have to come together and as things are now that day may be our biggest regret. Race, class, politics and the illusions of the media will continue to destroy the relationships that we have with each other. Shatter the boxes you put yourself in and ones that others have created for you. It may be possible that you find your true self once all of that bullshit has been stripped away from you. All of your preconceived notions and niche stances are a barrier that keeps others away from you. I have some friends that are Christian and everything they say starts with, “As a Christian…”. Geezus christ on handlebars, I'm tired of hearing that. Just because you have a belief system doesn't mean that everything in life somehow revolves around it. Either your a sinner or your saved and don't get on the gay/straight and gender debate. We haven't even managed the whole 'race' thing properly so this is kinda out outside of our league. I would hope that eventually those vaunted human rights get passed around to all humans without restrictions. The more complex the issue we face, the less complex we become. We default so easily back to positions we can't defend or hand me down family politics. At birth none of us were given an instruction manual, so none of us have a monopoly on truth or right.


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