Wednesday 26 June 2013

#KevinTrudeau is ordered not to leave the #UnitedStates and surrender his #Passport

Kevin Trudeau, the founder of the highly controversial Global Information Network (GIN), has been ordered by a federal court to surrender all his passports in order to ensure he does not leave the country. Trudeau currently has both a U.S. passport and an Italian passport.

The following document is from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. It is dated June 25, 2013, and reads:

Defendant [Kevin Trudeau] is ordered not to leave the United States until further order of court. Defendant is ordered to surrender immediately all of his passports and any other documents that would permit international travel, to the Clerk of this Court.

Here is the source document

A second document provides even more detail, beginning with this heading:


This second document claims the FTC believes it will prevail in the final decision against Trudeau, finding him in contempt and possibly seeking to jail him until he pays $37.6 million:

Apparently the FTC doesn't want Kevin Trudeau to pull an Edward Snowden. The FTC has spent untold millions of dollars going after Trudeau over his involvement with GIN, and they want him to pay back $37 million they claim he defrauded from 800,000 GIN members. Trudeau says he's broke, but this seems difficult to believe given his lavish international lifestyle which has been covered elsewhere in the press. There is also a long trail of emails where Trudeau appears to be instructing his lawyer to hide money in offshore accounts, among other interesting details.

Trudeau attacked for "selling dreams?"

Trudeau has been under intense fire by a growing list of people for not delivering what he promised with GIN, a sort of multi-level information network where people paid huge sums of money to learn "deep secrets" like taking vitamin D to prevent cancer.

But every time I look at the criticism of Trudeau -- ABC News says he's a "dream seller" who "sells hope" -- I can't help but think that Obama is engaged in all the same schemes on a far larger scale. Who sells the most B.S. under the label of "hope?" It's not Trudeau; it's Obama, the President who broke his promises on GMO labeling, shutting down secret military prisons, making government more transparent, lowering health care costs, raising the minimum wage, holding government accountable (ROFL!) and respecting the Second Amendment.

Both Trudeau and Obama are masterful salesmen. They can both make you buy into wonderful-sounding dreams that may or may not ever materialize. Trudeau has ripped off U.S. consumers to the tune of $37.6 million, says the FTC. But last time I checked, Obama has ripped us all off for about $8 trillion added to the national debt during his presidency. And consider this: The people Trudeau ripped off, according to the FTC, at least voluntarily handed over their money. But Obama just has money taken from everyone whether you like it or not. If you refuse to buy his Obamacare health insurance, for example, the IRS has an actual army of 16,000 armed agents -- now being trained with AR-15 rifles -- to come after you and make you pay at gunpoint, if necessary.

I'm not excusing Trudeau's activities by any means, but when there's so much high-level criminality going on in Washington, with criminal government surveillance of the American people now admitted, with the President openly admitting his administration assassinates American citizens completely outside of law, and with the Department of Justice using its power to spy on journalists and prosecute whistleblowers who are trying to expose corruption and injustice, I really have to scratch my head and wonder this: Why is the government spending millions of dollars to go after Kevin Trudeau?

I don't doubt that Trudeau, via GIN, has taken a lot of money from a lot of people while failing to deliver what he promised. If you want more details on all that, check out the "GIN scam" channel on YouTube, where a former GIN member exposes all the ways that he says members of GIN have been defrauded, scammed, lied to or financially exploited by Trudeau.

If you search the internet for complaints about Trudeau and GIN, you'll find a shockingly large number of people saying they were ripped off or deceived. Some even describe Trudeau's organization as a "cult" where people are brainwashed into believing anything Trudeau tells them.

But we see the very same thing with Obama supporters who exhibit highly irrational beliefs in a man who is doing the very same things they once criticized Bush for doing. When Bush ran secret prisons, democrats screamed about human rights. When Obama expands those same secret prisons (and drone strikes, NSA spying, etc.), suddenly he's given a free pass by those same democrats who now inexplicably say "we all need to be spied on for our own safety." Huh?

Why doesn't the FTC go after Obamacare? After all, one of the main functions of the FTC is to break up unfair market monopolies. That's practically a word-for-word description of the Obamacare health insurance mandate, where all Americans are forced to buy an insurance product whether they want it or not.

And the scale of that ripoff will make Trudeau's $37 million look like flecks of microscopic dust compared to a mountain. Again, I'm not excusing anything Trudeau has done, but if the FTC is going to go after "con artists" who are ripping people off and taking their money, they need look no further than the White House, where the biggest con artist in American history is busy dreaming up "hope and change" schemes to defraud ALL Americans.

Precious investigative resources being wasted on small-time operators

I think it's also suspicious how the feds have deeply investigated Trudeau's past but have never investigate Obama's past. I can tell you as a simple matter of fact that the birth certificate document released by the White House was a juvenile attempt at document forgery. It had multiple layers in Adobe Acrobat, and each layer was obviously cut-and-pasted into place in order toforge a fraudulent birth certificate.

Why doesn't ABC News examine this fraud? Why is Kevin Trudeau singled out for such scrutiny when there are far larger crimes and monopolies taking place right now such as Big Pharma's monopoly on med schools, science journals and the entire health care system?

See, as members of a society where we want cons and scams to be eliminated, we are all forced to ask the question that if the FTC has limited investigative resources, then the fact that they have spent all this time and money investigating Kevin Trudeau means they haven't been investigating someone else who's probably a far greater threat to society. I'm willing to bet there's a Big Pharma company somewhere that has been running false advertising or fabricating medical studies to sell a toxic product that's killing American patients. I bet there are hundreds of millions of dollars being spent right now to bribe doctors and influence medical journals. And I bet that top news outlets which push a pro-war agenda just happened to be owned by weapons manufacturers... and yet they escape any market monopoly scrutiny by the FTC, too.

While Wall Street banks are "too big to fail," drug companies and weapons manufacturers are "too big to investigate" as far as the FTC is concerned. And so we get all this regulatory power of the federal government aimed at relatively small-time operators like Trudeau.

Granted, Trudeau probably is guilty of wildly exaggerating the claims of whatever he was selling, but isn't that what drug companies do every day on television? They sell a statin drug that causes rapid muscle deterioration, but the ad depicts healthy, athletic people jogging in the park (or whatever). Is that not Big Pharma "selling dreams" that are complete fiction?

Obama got elected on the sales pitch that he was going to have GMOs labeled while providing "free health care!" Do you see GMOs labeled anywhere? Do you see health care being made free? Nope. It was all hype. So why isn't Obama being investigated by the FTC?

How about the monopolistic actions of Monsanto and their GMOs? Why isn't the FTC looking into that market monopoly?

Or what about the vaccine monopoly and the outrageously unjust "vaccine court" in America that has been granted higher power than the U.S. Supreme Court? Isn't that judicial monopoly worthy of a trade investigation?

I could name a hundred other things the FTC should be investigating right now, but all of them are routinely ignored. Instead, we get the FTC going after people like Kevin Trudeau.

Is the entire system of justice so distorted that it can't even recognize justice anymore?

He may very well deserve whatever charges or fines the FTC is bringing against him, but then again, in an age of runaway government criminality and selective justice against the targeted few, we have to question whether the entire system is itself unjust and irrational. I'm not defending Trudeau and his actions, whatever they may have been, but I am wondering whether this obvious witch hunt effort against him actually serves the best interests of society when there are so many larger -- and far more dangerous -- criminals on the loose in the highest levels of government and corporate America.

Ultimately, Kevin Trudeau will probably go to jail while people like Eric Holder, who masterminded the running of illegal guns into Mexico under Operation Fast & Furious, will face zero consequences for their crimes.

Whatever the outcome, you can bet that the people of America will continue to be royally screwed by whoever is running the White House, Wall Street, Big Pharma and the media. Compared to those criminal operations, everything else is small-time.

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