Wednesday 8 May 2013

#Zionist War Criminals Launch Unprovoked Attacks Against #Syria


The Zionist war criminals are at it again. Unprovoked, the Israeli government recently launched air strikes against Syria claiming that they were aimed at preventing Hezbollah a Lebanese political group from gaining access to missiles.
  Despite the fact that a substantial number of Syrian troops were killed in the strikes the Israelis have claimed that they were not targeting the Syrian government.
 What sort of ridiculous logic is this? If the Syrian government launched air strikes killing dozens of Jews in Tel Aviv, the Zionist scum would be on American news outlets calling for a full scale invasion of Syria and immediate United States military intervention. This act of war proves yet again that Israel is an illegitimate government run by a bunch of criminally insane psychopaths.
  This was parroted across American media outlets many of who were touting it as if it were fact just because the Israelis proclaimed it as such. These claims would actually contradict information coming from the United Nations indicating that it was far more likely that Syrian rebels and not the Syrian government used chemical weapons.
It should be obvious why this sort of rubbish was put out by the Israelis. The Obama regime has previously said that they would view the use of chemical weapons by Syria as some sort of game changing event. Politically this propaganda was used to get Zionist pandering clowns in Congress like John McCain to put political pressure on Obama to move forward with some sort of military intervention against Syria. After all, there is an unwritten rule that every American politician has to blindly support Israel no matter what it does.
It is bad enough that the United States is already supporting Al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups that comprise a large portion of the Syrian rebellion but a full scale military intervention would be completely insane.
  Any invasion by American forces would benefit nobody except for the sick Zionist whores who get off on slaughtering anyone around them who does not belong to their disgusting tribe.
Remember a little over a decade ago when we were told that Al-Qaeda was the enemy that we had to fight to avenge the attacks of September 11th? In reality the United States created Al-Qaeda through the CIA’s support of so-called Afghan freedom fighters during the 1980s. When the Cold War ended Al-Qaeda was used as a shadowy boogieman front that was blamed for planning and executing the September 11th attacks. This was all a big lie as the attacks only benefitted Israel and a myriad of Jewish neo-conservatives in the Bush 43 regime. Governments unfriendly to Israel including Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have since been invaded and overthrown.
It is funny that we now see the United States trying to justify their support of Al-Qaeda linked rebels in Syria when they are the same types of people we were told hated America for our alleged freedoms just a short time ago. Even if you believe the official story of the September 11th attacks which has more holes in it than a crate of swiss cheese, it should be painfully obvious that none of it adds up.
Why would the United States now support people aligned with groups that allegedly attacked the country on September 11th 2001? When you understand the conspiracy at play it makes all the sense in the world why this is happening. The United States runs Al-Qaeda and uses it either as a front to overthrow governments or as an excuse to attack a government by claiming it is harboring or aiding those associated with the group. It is all a big joke.
Despite all of that, the Israeli government has proven on countless occasions that it has zero credibility and this recent unprovoked military strike in Syria has proven it once again. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Syrian government, they have not engaged in unprovoked attacks against their neighbors. One cannot say the same thing about Israel or the United States which have previously endorsed and executed policies of preemptive war.
Clearly this attack on Syria was unjustified but since Western backing of Al-Qaeda linked groups over the past few years has failed to overthrow the Syrian government, the Israelis are getting impatient and are now employing more drastic measures. With this in mind, any American politician or bureaucrat that continues their support of Israel is quite simply a traitor.
 Jewish lobby groups in America like AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League that hold an enormous amount of influence in Washington DC need to be investigated for espionage and thrown out of the United States. Same goes for all of these media outlets run by Zionist Jews that support Israel no matter what the circumstance.
These are people engaging in activities that directly benefit a country that should be viewed as America’s enemy and not an ally as the absurd Zionist propaganda suggests.

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