Thursday, 22 January 2015

Serdom Throwback: UK May Review Law Enabling Lords to Exploit Other People's Lands


The UK government may abolish a law dating from the medieval era that enables British lords to use private property located within their territories for hunting, resource extraction, and other activities, according to a report issued by the UK Parliament Justice Committee on Thursday.

"We recommend that a review be carried out assessing whether the law related to manorial rights should be changed, including the question of whether all or some categories should be abolished, and how legislation could appropriately address compensation and human rights issues in such an event," the report reads.
The law, predating the 11th Century Norman conquest of England, allows a lord (the owner) of a manor (a territory) to hunt, fish and otherwise extract any and all resources on any private property located within their borders.

Manorial rights can be bought or sold. The issue became topical after 2002 changes in the UK Land Registration Act, mandating manorial owners re-enroll their rights before October 2013. After about 90,000 claims were registered many property owners were aggrieved to learn that their land was not completely their own.